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Re: Eder's training

Post by Parkules » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:06 pm

Good info guys!

Peter, I hope you share your experiences at the dinner if you attend and try to ask him for as much advice as possible. Without annoying him of course -not just out of politeness, but also because he still might be super strong! :D

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Re: Eder's training

Post by peter yates » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:02 am

peter yates wrote:
Parkules wrote:
peter yates wrote:Hi Parkules,
Well Hoffman certainly did not like Joe Weider who was Jewish but i think it was more because Joe was taking business away from him and maybe taking potential lifters into full time bodybuilding. Hoffman was quite possibly racist to some degree but then most of the country was at that time. He had many Jewish acquaintances if not actual friends including Sig Klein who had a regular column in his mag. He also set up John Terry in a business and helped John Davis financially and was probably the first to feature a black man on a magazine cover,that person being John Davies. Like many of his time and just the same in this day and age he practiced selective racism. No better or worse than the majority.

Yeah Peter, I think you are probably right. Him featuring John Davies absolves him somewhat. He wasn't exactly hitler. Leroy Colbert claimed that he was the first black man on a magazine cover, of course published by Weider.
I might look into that when I get a chance, it's an interesting tidbit of iron history.
Hi Parkules, Davis was on the cover of January 1941 issue of Strength and Health magazine. It was a rear view and he was naked so this on top of his being black caused some people to object and even stop their subscriptions. While i heartily applaud Hoffman for putting Davis on the cover it would probably have been better if he had been wearing trunks as it was probably just too much for some folk. Leroy Colbert was not born until 1933 so would only have been 8 at this time. I am sure though that no other mag featured a Black bodybuilder until Leroy appeared on a Weider cover in the early 1950s and the S&H cover was long forgotten.
Hi Parkules, since i last wrote i have had information from two iron game fans from the Iron History forum. First John Corlett informed me that Melvin Wells was on the cover of Strength and Health in January 1949, 4 years before Leroy.I should have known that as i have that mag. Al Leung further informed me that the 1933 Strength and Health mag had a Black bodybuilder named Chester Fields on the cover,a full 20 years before Leroy. Fields was listed as being from either Trinidad or Panama, still making Davies the first African American BB on a cover. Leroy was at least the first Black BB on a Weider mag though.
Peter Yates

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