My System of Heavy Exercise by Jay C. Gee

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My System of Heavy Exercise by Jay C. Gee

Post by drob357 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:53 am


Published in Strength and Health magazine Oct. 1942


"The squat - one of the most important exercises for the bodybuilder to include in his training.. It is possible to handle heavy weights in this exercise and is one of the best movements for all-round leg development.

The full or complete squat just on the point of recovering. This exercise provides plenty of movements for the hips, lower back, abdomen and particularly the legs. It also accelerates the respiratory functions."-J.C. Gee
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Re: My System of Heavy Exercise by Jay C. Gee

Post by David Gentle » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:01 am

If you can, navigate the site and find "Letters" i had from Grimek, wherein, he describes his personal leg routine, right up to advanced years, its a must read. Mind you, as an after thought, he told me when he was long retired, that he wished he had not let ego take over and squat so heavy when he was older. He squatted very low with really heavy weight, and considers it a possible cause of his late in life problems with a painful hip. So my only advice would be when older, dont go too low, ie. sit on your heels, just dip to bench height and save the stress on your hips. David Gentle
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Re: My System of Heavy Exercise by Jay C. Gee

Post by peter yates » Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:13 am

Hi David, good point. I believe building up gradually to heavy work when young is needed for most if strength and increased size is the desired goal.I also feel such work as partials in the power rack with heavy weights will build strong bones, tendons and ligaments. However there is only so far this can be taken and the same training in later years can lead to the detriment of the same structures.As for any exercise it may be needed that alterations are done to the execution.Better to lighten the weight increase the reps and use absolutely perfect form. I was always a deep to the heels squatter but as i got older i had to come up higher as i would get strange sensations in my lower back.Now i squat to parallel which gives me a terrific workout with no problem to my lumbar area.
Peter Yates

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