New Routine for November

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New Routine for November

Post by 28kgKB » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:58 am

Owning to various commitments I decided to change things up a bit to work around those commitments. I was researching routine info and re-found the Vince Gironda 8x8 routine with suggested exercises. The version I found is: chest and back on day one, Legs on day two, rest day three, shoulders and arms day four, rest day five, day six....lather, rinse, repeat. I will be including cardio work in there as well on random days to include either using my recumbent bike or my water rower.

The only change I made to things is that I reduced the sets from 8 down to 4 now using a 4x8 scheme. I'm liking the higher reps as its giving my body and mind a bit of a rest from the heavy, power rack influenced, grinding reps. I'm able to use a little bit lighter weight (giving my joints a break, too) which is working well. I'm only on the first week of this routine but plan on using it thru the end of the year at least.


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Re: New Routine for November

Post by peter yates » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:46 am

Thanks for the update John. Glad to hear you are doing a cycle with higher reps.As i get older i have found it to be the best for all round health and well being. In a recent article on the site i mentioned how heavy training with low reps in the earlier stages of our training can and will build strength in the bones, tendons, ligaments etc. However past a certain age and point [different for each of us] such training will only cause excessive ware and tear on the same structures. Personally i now never do any sets with reps lower than 8 and often up to 20. This has been in many ways transformational for me as someone who has mainly worked in the 1-5 range with as much weight as possible. My body and my mind are thanking me. These days i do not worry what is on the bar but just work all the muscle thoroughly and at 69 am looking and feeling better than i have in years. My joints are enjoying the blood flushing through them and and heart and lungs are thriving from the moving quickly between exercises. Also, which i find almost unbelievable is i am upping my body weight, which has always been a difficult task for me.This is actually muscle weight as my waist has stayed the same throughout.This training lark is pretty good isn't it? We have so ways to train and just need to adjust as needed. Good luck with your program mate.
Peter Yates

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