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Re: Old timers exercises and methods

Post by peter yates » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:43 pm

Hi Per,
some good advise from the above gentlemen. I would just like to add something about leg development and low back issues. While i most certainly agree that the squat is a terrific exercise, unless you are young and building up or engaged in pwerlifting competition, there are many good exercises that can be done that will build strong muscular legs and save the back.Of course it is also good to find out the exact cause for the back pain and then take measures to strengthen it up too. I know quite a few trainers who have had to forgo the back squat who ended up finding better ways to build the legs. David has already mentioned the hack squat with barbell, these days an underutilized exercise, Talbot has described a very good way to practice this on the forum elsewhere and dear old Sticks did great illustration of it. Give it a try, it may feel a bit strange at first but you will get the hang of it i am sure.Another great and underused leg exercise is step ups,do one leg at a time and again go for higher reps. No weight at first but later you can add a weight vest or a pair if DBs. Again this can be found in the thread of Stick's training tips. If you have access to them let us not forget the leg extension and leg curl,yes i know they get knocked in some quarters, but they hit the thighs in unique ways and create better overall balanced development.If they are are good enough for the Mobster,using some monster poundage, i reckon they are good enough for the rest of us.Another terrific exercise that our old friend John used after surgery stopped him squatting and deadlifting is the kettlebell swing. This will give the legs and hips a real good workout at high reps,plus the old lungs and ticker. It may be a bit hard on your back so test it out with a light weight at first, however it is a great exercise for strengthening the whole back,top to bottom too.Last but by no means least is an old favorite of mine that i taught my nephew on a recent trip to England.He is still cursing me, but i did throw him in at the deep end.For others i would again recommend the gradual approach, starting with body weight and higher reps and then adding a weight vest or pair of DBs. Again one leg at a time.It is the split squat or lunge squat, feet about shoulder width with one foot in front of the other so that when the front leg bends the back knee touches the floor.Of course the distance will have to fit the individual.A real leg blaster, that for me hits the hips, outer and frontal aspects of the thigh and even the hamstrings.So Per a few ideas there and i am sure you will be enjoying plenty of leg stimulation sans squats.
Peter Yates

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