Latest Issue of Muscleanous No. 10

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Latest Issue of Muscleanous No. 10

Post by drob357 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:57 pm

Don't miss this month's issue of David Gentle's MUSCLEANEOUS Issue no. 10 packed full of rare photos, stories, news and humour.


We invite you to post comments by visiting - ... sue-no-10/ Look for "Leave a Comment at the bottom of the page.

This month's issue features:

Sylvia Hibbert and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Evolution of judging criteria and the history of "Body Beautiful" contests
Gino Edwards and the late Joe Weider
TERRY PHILLIPS, one of the world’s greatest. Where is he now?
Announcement about the next British Wrestlers Reunion to be held in August
David recounts his long history of attending Muscle shows and rubbing shoulders with PC celebrities
The beautiful SYLVIA HIBBERT along with contestants for the Miss NABBA SHOW
NORMAN HIBBERT famous hand-balancer and one of UKs best physiques, winner of many an award in the posing pages of the old Health and Strength.
A report on the supplement industry and the affects of taking them.
Special personal family photo from David's collection.
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Re: Latest Issue of Muscleanous No. 10

Post by peter yates » Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:14 pm

Thanks Diane, another terrific issue from our David. Sylvia Hibbert was a beautiful woman and their hand balancing routine was wonderful. I manged to see them a couple of times,always well received.Personally i really miss the PC shows, of which the bodybuilding contests were just a part.In those days very few categories, just Mr. Miss[Now Ms.]and Junior,As some of the contestants got older the senior events were included but just Mr.It may not be politically correct to say so but i, and am sure others apart from friends and family, do not want to sit through an endless display of Mr/Ms. everybodies strutting on the stage.Guys with skinny legs wearing board shorts, anorexic looking women and even geriatrics can compete and get an award. So much better in my opinion when the shows had hand balancing, strength contests, strongman/woman performance etc. A real variety afternoon for the family.Maybe if they went back to a similar format there would be more spectators.Then again the promoters rake it in from all the contestants in the different categories.
Poor old Bill Pettis who you mentioned is no longer with us.Passed in 1916 and age 69.A case of accidental drowning according to the coroner. So no stroke.Keep em coming David.
Peter Yates

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