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George Eiferman    

Nov. 3, 1925 - Feb. 12, 2002 

George Eiferman


George Eiferman was born in Philadelphia on November 3rd, 1925.   He served in the Navy during World War II.  He became actively involved in bodybuilding and went on to win the Mr. America title in 1948. 

George spent most of his life teaching health and fitness in one capacity or another.   For over 30 years he traveled the length and breadth of America teaching the value of a healthy lifestyle to school children as an Assembly Speaker.  He combined humor, strength exhibitions and musical talent to win over the kids.  There is no knowing how many lives he positively influenced. 

The following set of 10 Essential Exercises was handed out to each child at every lecture.

George Eiferman 10 Essential Exercises

  1. A good eye exercise – See also the perfection in others. See the everlasting beauty in human kindness.
  2. A good tongue exercise- Speak from the heart instead of the mouth.
  3. A good facial exercise – A smile often repeated.
  4. Hearing exercise – When we speak we learn nothing. Listening is the teacher. Then speak.
  5. Brain exercise – Think only constructive thoughts. Good reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
  6. Leg exercise – Walk toward knowledge, wisdom, health and brotherhood of all men.
  7. Breathing exercise – Inhale the great works of music, art, literature and philosophy. Exhale spitefulness and other negative thoughts.
  8. Strength exercise – Have the strength to endure when things are unendurable, to pass the next test after failing the recent one.
  9. Heart exercise – Have the heart to “Constructively” improve Self, Environment, Community and Country.
  10. Soul exercise – We are never alone. Walk with God.


 muscle beach 

"George Eiferman 10 Essential Exercises" from the book "Muscle Beach" by Marla Matzer Rose


George Eiferman Nov. 3, 1925 to Feb. 12 2002

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