Doug Hepburn, Canadian World Champion Weightlifter

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Doug Hepburn

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World Champion Weightlifter

Doug Ivan Hepburn was a Canadian world-champion

Doug Hepburn bicep
Canadian Champion Weightlifter George Hepburn, Bicep Pose

Gold Medalist in Stockholm

Hepburn won gold medals at the 1953 World Championships in Stockholm.

Canadian Champion Weightlifter George Hepburn, Full Squat.


Born in Vancouver with a clubbed foot and cross-eyed, Doug Ivan Hepburn overcame these handicaps, setting a Canadian record for weightlifting in 1950 and winning gold medals at the 1953 World Championships in Stockholm and the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver. He was named British Columbia's Man of the Year for 1954.

After his successes as a weightlifter, he became a professional wrestler late in 1954, signing what was announced as a five-year contract with Toronto promoter Frank Tunney.

Less than 18 months later, the relationship between Tunney and Hepburn ended, but Hepburn continued to work as a professional wrestler in the Vancouver area until 1960.

Like his father and stepfather he battled with alcoholism, and this combined with depression made for a hard private life

Hepburn opened a gym at the age of 37. Perhaps inspired with his own battles against addiction, Hepburn became a strong advocate of drug free athletics. Hepburn was a singer and songwriter, releasing a Christmas tune, the Hepburn Carol.

He had literary ambitions and had a large output of essays and poems and other writings. In his later years he custom-built gym equipment and marketed protein powder and other sports supplements.

Hepburn died of a perforated ulcer at age 74. He has been inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame (1953), Canada's Sports Hall of Fame (1955), and the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame (1966). - Wikipedia


Doug Hepburn - Olympic Press, 1954


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Doug Hepburn

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