Pierre Kryloff, Russian Weightlifting Champion

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Pierre Kryloff

From “Mighty Men of Old” Vol. I (n.d.) (Author unknown)

Pierre Kryloff

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 “Said to possess the finest pair of shoulders among the old timers.  Pierre Kryloff, the Russian weightlifting champion of 30 years ago, still holds the world’s record for muscling out weights (Crucifix position) with 90 pounds in each hand.  Nearest to approach Kryloff’s wonderful feat was Hackenschmidt with 89 and 90. 

Kryloff weighed 205 pounds, was 5 feet 9½ inches in height, had a 50 inch expanded chest, biceps 17 inches and thighs 24.

As a professional strong man, his favourite feats were the breaking of chains on his chest and biceps, although his admirers preferred to see him hold out weights as it showed up his shoulders to better advantage.  It is said he exercised with 56-pound block weights, doing repetition holdouts a dozen times!  

Kryloff originated a number of shoulder developing exercises such as swinging a pair of dumbbells in circles held at arm’s length in front of the body.  It was this movement Kryloff claimed to have built his shoulders.

©Mighty Men of Old

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