Charles MacMahon 

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Charles MacMahon

From “Mighty Men of Old” Vol. I (n.d.) (Author unknown)


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 “A dozen or so years ago Charles MacMahon of Camden, N.Y., was the best-known writer on subjects of strength, development and iron men personalities.  The public first came to know him when he, along with Matysek, illustrated exercises for the old Milo Company.  MacMahon had a perfect build of the medium type and all his poses were pieces of artistry. 

For a while he posed at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.   MacMahon branched out in the strength business for himself, starting up a cable and mail order cable course company.  For a while he was the closest competitor to Earle Liederman, who operated then what was the largest mail order health company in the world. While he didn’t practice the popular lifts of today he excelled at back and harness lifting.  At a bodyweight of 175 pounds on several occasions he made a hand and thigh lift close to 1,500 pounds.

He was considered a master of the bent press in style.  Photographs of his form have ben used for years to instruct novices at this difficult lift.  He usually performed with about 200 pounds, using odd-shaped and difficult to balance barbells.  He is one of the few men in this county to press Pierre Gasnier’s unwieldy dumbell."

(c)Mighty Men of Old

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