Lieutenant J.P. Muller K.D. (1866 - 1938) 

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J. P. Muller

Lieutenant J. P. Muller

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J. P. Muller was a Danish all-round amateur athlete. From 1904 onwards he won 134 prizes across almost every possible branch of sports and athletics.

In 1904 he wrote the first of a series of best selling books entitled 'My System'. This was translated and first published in England in 1905. It was eventually translated into a total of 24 languages, went through many revisions and reprints and achieved, according to the publishers, the largest sale of any book on Health Exercise ever published. It was certainly in print well after his death in 1938.

Muller went on to write a whole series of other books based on his 'system' and some of them now appear on this site.

Among many of the prestigious awards achieved by Muller was a Knighthood of the Order of the Dannebrog bestowed by the King of Denmark in 1919.

We offer only "previews" of some of the larger books and courses.   When the Sandow Museum website was donated to us, the larger files were not available as they were stored off-site.

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Lieutenant J.P. Muller K.D. (1866 - 1938)

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