Adolph Nordquest

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Adolph Nordquest

Adolph  Nordquest

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Adolph Nordquest was called the American Sandow because of his striking resemblance to Eugen Sandow. He did a posing and balancing act with Joe Lambert which became extremely popular and was well featured in physical culture journals. He was also one of Prof. Attila's early pupils. They called their act 'Young Sandow & Lambert', cashing in on his resemblance to the continental strongman.

Adolph was also a good wrestler and had exceptional abilities as a runner. He wrote a small book for The Police Gazette (under the name of 'Viking') on exercises and exercising and his own physique was a good testimony to his methods.

At 5'8" he weighed 200lb.
Neck 18",
Chest 49",
Waist 35",
Arm 17.5",
Forearm 15.75",
Thigh 26" and,
Calf 16.5"

- Bodybuilding - David Webster

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