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David Prowse, M.B.E. - May the Force Be With You By David Gentle

David Prowse

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At 6ft 7 inches, 20 stone and with a 51 inch chest, David Prowse is a big man and with a big heart. Multi talented and known not simply for his physical prowess, immense though it is, but also for his long involvement in International sport, show business and charity work. Consider just one aspect for example. The 'Green Cross Code Man" is famous in this country and indeed the world, as for 14 years, Dave Prowse gave road safety talks in over 2,000 shows at schools, to half a million children in countries all over the world; In Europe. U.S.A,. Australia. Barbados, even the Cayman Isles. In the UK alone he visited approximately 700 cities. towns, and villages the net result for his efforts was accidents involving children dropped by over half, helping to save 20,000 lives per year! Imagine the tragedies averted which might be enough to justify a man's worth in his lifetime. During this time Dave was appointed Special Deafriender by the Royal Institute for the Deaf and used to travel the UK presenting phonic hearing aids to hearing impaired children. He was also invited to lecture at The National Technical Institute for The Deaf in Rochester, New York.  

Photo: From David Prowse's book "Straight from the Force's Mouth".

Devoted to many charities, including The Variety Club of Great Britain, The Stars Organization for Spastics, (now affiliated to the Scope charity), Arthritis Care, he has supported major organizations for the disabled and handicapped in the U.K. and overseas. He is also heavily involved in his own charity. Dave Prowse's 'Force Against Arthritis', pledging to assist in raising two and three quarter million pounds for a new research centre at the world famous orthopaedic hospital in Oswestry, Shropshire. The Arthritis and Rheumatism Council is also involved in raising funds for Dave's charity. Dave knows all about how debilitating and frustrating arthritis can be.  Still suffering from arthritis (not helped by a bad weightlifting accident in 1989) has meant a hip replacement and more recently major surgery to save his ankle from being amputated.  

He is also the man to achieve perhaps most fame from his large screen role as Darth Vader the ultimate in movie villains.  Dave was born 1st July 1935, brought up and educated in Bristol winning a scholarship to attend Bristol Grammar school 1947 to 1952.  At first he was a capable athlete, especially good at sprinting but later aged 13 yrs., he developed suspected T.B. of the knee and so for the next 4 years landed up mainly bed ridden and wearing a leg iron.  Time is supposed to heal all ills, where he certainly grew in length and by the time they took the leg iron off, David had sprouted form 5ft 9: to a lanky 6 ft, 5 inch lanky underweight teenager.  Desperate to fill out his frame,  he was inspired by Reeves, Park and Pearl and after a quick try out with a Charles Atlas course, David took up weight training/bodybuilding.  Just 17 yrs. old he made such progress, going from 160lbs to 240 lbs. that he was invited to enter the 1960 Mr. Universe contest, won by mighty Henry Downs.  Although not a physique winner, David was often featured in Health & Strength, known then as Britain's tallest bodybuilder.    

David ProwseAfter ten years of bodybuilding and aware that height was his limiting factor for stardom per se Dave diverted his energies and every growing strength into weightlifting.  At first, coming 3rd in the 1961 British Heavyweight Class, then in 1962 becoming the British Heavyweight champion, and again in 1963 and 1964.  Later he competed in both the World Championships in Budapest and the European Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia.  Around that period, he set numerous British records including a deadlift of 674 3/4 lbs., straight arm pullover of 160 lbs and a strict barbell curl with 202 lbs.  He also recalls with pleasure, the great lifters he associated with, including Louis Martin and competing with Yurl Viasov and Serge Reding. 

Photo: David Prowse, M.B.E. displaying a fine physique.  From David Gentle's photo collection.

Before and after this active era David like most mortals (before he became immortal as Darth Vader in star Wars) had to earn a living.  He had a whole succession of jobs, confessing the main criteria of work had to be conducive with and to his training.  Occupations ranged from lifeguard to accountant, at one time working for a famous football pools company.  However, once he became the British W/L champion he decided to produce his own magazine 'Power', also buying 'Fitness & Health' and publishing both for a limited period making an attempt to encourage all around training interests.  it was not to be.  With an ever increasing number of magazines and a fragmented market of bodybuilders, lifters, powerlifters, keep fit fans and plain old health nuts, 'Power' folded in 1969.  Disappointed at missing out in the Tokyo Olympic Games, because for reasons best known to themselves, BAWLA decided not to send a heavyweight; David totally anti-steroid, turned professional.  He endorsed the then novel apparatus Bullworker which was even on sale in Harrods (I never had the power to get mine out of the box!), and later touring as 'Britain's Strongest Man'; tearing telephone directories, bending bars among many other strength demonstrations. He then entered as a contestant, in the Highland Games and was in the worlds top three at caber tossing. In 1963 on a Scottish tour With George Eiferman and David Webster, David Prowse became the first person to lift the fabled Dinnie Stones which weigh approx 7cwt. (nearly 800 lbs).   

 By 1965 David was making major inroads into show business from TV commercials to full bodied roles. From 'The Saint' TV series to the big screen 'Casino Royale', he worked With just about everyone in a galaxy of stars. In the 1970's he played prime parts in the Hammer Horror movies, but it was in 1976/7 when George Lucas 'Star Wars' hit town, that David Prowse really came into the limelight as the evil Darth Vader (in the highest grossing movie in the U,S.A. for all time). Meanwhile not one to waste time, David landed a contract for the Child Pedestrian Road Safety commercial, for the Dept. of Transport as The Green Cross Code man. Keeping his finger on the pulse in the fitness world, he became National Director of weight training at Crystal Palace and for ten years, Keep-fit consultant to Harrods.    

Come 1970, despite his multiple commitments and TV and film career blossoming, fitness fanatic David opened and has run ever since his own Health Studio & Gym in S.E. London; a venue used by many top stars, Frank Zane in particular praising David's facilities for training and coaching. Meanwhile, David becomes even more famous as a one-to-one personal trainer of the stars and celebrities. His client list is like an International show biz Who's Who, Film stars include, Albert Finney. Stephanie Powell, Robert Powell, Shane Richie etc. plus professional people and politicians. Most publicized would be David's efforts to build up a scrawny Christopher Reeve into a credible muscled 'Superman' movie role (1977). Under Dave's tuition, Chris put on 30lbs of muscle in six weeks. Reeves of course is now fighting a new battle to regain health from his tragic horse riding accident and David Prowse aka Darth Vader wishes Chris all the power and 'Force' he can muster.   

Dave's charity work in the U.S.A started in Washington D.C. when he attended a film premier organized on behalf of Eunice Kennedy's Special Olympics Movement. At a reception at the Shriver's house he was asked if he would like to drum up publicity (and cash) for the cause. Dave met up With his old training buddy, Arnold S, who was already fully involved with the cause. Introduced later to Alan Reich. who is head of the National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.), Dave was asked to M.C. the annual General Conference of the Presidents Committee on Employment for the Handicapped. Over 5,000 delegates attended. He was appointed M.C. for three years in succession. This was followed by an invitation to tour schools for Child Pedestrian Safety. The media thought it unique for an Englishman to tour the States teaching American kids how to cross the road, They turned up in droves.

In 1983. Dave was summoned to The White House to witness President signing the proclamation declaring 1983-1992 the International Decade of the Disabled Person. At the end of the ceremony Dave was awarded the honour of being appointed Special Ambassador to the International Decade by President Regan himself.    

David ProwseLeast known in this country is David's quite amazing celebrity status especially when invited to attend U.S.A.  Sci-Fi conventions. Enthusiasts of Star Wars. Star Wars 2, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedl, Forbidden World etc, queue in their thousands just to see him, sometimes to just touch him (Darth Vader) or obtain his autograph. With just a few days notice that he was coming, one such convention in San Diego was attended by 32,000 fans!

David is married to Norma and they have three children. He has long since proven he's not just a musclemen" (as did Arnold S.) with a diversity of talents, his most recent being literary.  His two published books are 'Play Safe With The Stars', a child's guide to safety, and 'Fitness is Fun' an autobiography/weight tra1n1ng and fitness manual which is worth buying for the photographs alone.  A lover of good food, German sweet wine and cider (hope it's Bulmers Strongbow cider, Dave! Ed.), he is also co-author of a celebrity recipe book, a movie trivia manual and Hammer House of Horrors anthology.

Photo: From David Prowse's book "Straight from the Force's Mouth".

Only two things scare me about Dave. He once sat in front of me at a Universe show and I couldn't see a damn thing (and I wasn't going to ask him to move!). The other is his apparent ambition to sing With a trad Jazz band. I suspect Dave's singing is like Les Dawson's piano playing, so I do hope to miss that occasion!  

In over 40 year at International sport and show biz. from Benny Hill to the Return of the Jedi et al, David Prowse deserves every honour bestowed upon him, because he is a man who has given his time and great effort to improve the quality of life for many. especially the handicapped and most worthy of all to save children's lives. I for one am grateful that all those long years ago, a lanky kid had the courage to throw off that leg piece and take up the barbell. May "The Force be With You" David.

For further information on his charity work (mention Health & Strength) contact: Dave Prowse. 12 Marshalsea Road, London SEl IHL England. Tel: 01071-407 -5650 Fax: 0171·403-8326 or in the U.S.A. c/o Max Patterson, 508 Maplewood Avenue, Wilson, N.C. 27893, U.S.A. Tel: (919) 291 9468.

David Prowse
Young David Prowse Photo: from David Gentle's photo collection. 

Athletic Achievements

David Prowse, M.B.E., A Career Most Extraordinary  © Copyright by David Gentle  All Rights Reserved

Straight from the Force's Mouth

David has most recently had published two volumes of his life and times, 'STRAIGHT FROM THE FORCES MOUTH' high recommended.

Now after 8 years in the writing - The book Star Wars and Sci-Fi fans worldwide have been waiting for, published in two volumes 'Straight from the Force's Mouth' takes you through a fantastic career spanning nearly 50 years.  

Volume 1 - A 33 chapter, lavishly illustrated autobiography featuring a Star Wars section that gives the reader a day to day insight of working on the first 3 movies and all the promotional publicity tours.  Training Superman Christopher Reeves, working on the Hammer Horror Movies, working with Cinematic 'Giants' like Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Russ Mayer and much, much more.    

Volume 2 is a Photo only book with literally hundreds of photos either taken by Dave of from his personal archive.  Exclusive pics of the 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Phantom Menace' Premier's working on the Hasbro 'Rebels Assault 2, video game shoot, loads of convention photos and shots form his investiture.  

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David Prowse, M.B.E

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