Al Treloar (Albert Toof Jenkins) 1873 - 1960

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Albert Treloar, Strongman

Al Treloar

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Albert Treloar, winner of the world's first international bodybuilding contest held at Madison Square Garden in 1903

Photo:  Albert Treloar, Strongman

EdnaAlbert Treloar (Jenkins was the winner of the world's very first international bodybuilding contest. This was organized by Bernarr Macfadden and took place at Madison Square Garden on December 28th 1903.

Treloar, a Harvard-educated man, was well versed in athletics and professional strongmanism. He could tear two and three decks of playing cards with his bare hands.

In 1904 he wrote 'The Science of Muscular Development' which included many photos of himself and his wife Edna Tempest (seen right).

Treloar was hired as the Physical Director of the Los Angeles Athletic Club in 1907, a position he held for the next 42 years.

Albert Treloar died in 1960 at the age of 87.

Physical Culture Mag. 1904

Featuring Albert Treloar on cover 

Physical Culture magazine

Exhibition Poses

Photo:  Albert Treloar demonstrates tensing poses.

Al Treloar

Tensing poses by Albert Treloar, showing how exhibition poses may provide vigorous exercises.  In these poses, not merely the arms are tensed, but the muscles of stomach and chest are sufficiently contracted to make them appear clearly outlined.  In the first illustration, the flexed wrist, at first turned outward to gradually turned far inward, effectively showing a rolling movement of the biceps. 

In the second pose the arm is flexed more completely but not fully.

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Al Treloar (Albert Toof Jenkins) 1873 - 1960

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