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Apollon (Louis Uni)

Andrew Passanant

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From “Mighty Men of Old” Vol. I (n.d.) (Author unknown)

“Not so many years ago, Andrew Passanant of New York City, an insurance salesman by vocation, was acclaimed the star pupil of the Liederman Cable Training Course.  Passanant was not a very large man but specializing in feats of strength with the cables, he built himself the splendid upper body you see here.  Notice his unusually fine pectorals and biceps. Today he still possesses most of his amazing strength built through the use of his cables and still retains his splendid development.

While most athletes, particularly boxers, deteriorate when they stop training, strength athletes retain their youth to an advanced age.  We have cited a few of the better-known cases in this book but there are thousands who have achieved greater health and strength through cable work and weight training that one never hears of.  Look around you, surely among your acquaintances there is some man who seems some ten or fifteen years younger than he actually is.  Ask that man if he ever did any weightlifting and the chances are he will say yes.  For weight training does not only build beautiful bodies, it tones up the entire system, makes healthier lungs, purer blood and a stronger heart.  There is nothing like it in the world.

With weight training any man can literally make himself into what he wants. If he is underweight, he can gain shapeliness and muscle.  If he is overweight with a slightly varied program he can pare himself down into a beautiful symmetrical body.  If one part of the body is less developed than it should be, then that part can be emphasized and built up to its proper proportions.  Even the tone of the skin will change give off a more healthful glow

(c)Mighty Men of Old

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