George Walsh, Bodybuilder from Late 1930's

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George Walsh

George Walsh

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Photo: 18 Year Old George Walsh l  Contributed by Ron Tyrrell

The late George Walsh as his youth.   He had been under the physical direction of W.A. Pullum a matter of two years or so, his age at this time being 18. By this time his tubercular condition  had been changed to one which medical opinion certified to be free from its attack.  His general physical appearance - plus the powers of that appearance - confirmed the accuracy of that diagnosis.  Throughout life onward, he never suffered recurrence of the affliction.

   George Walsh
Photo: George Walsh was an influential writer for
UK's "Health and Strength "magazine.


Height 5' 11", weight 174 pounds, neck 16 inches, chest 44 inches, waist 30 inches, biceps 14.5 inches, forearms 12 inches, thighs 23 inches, calves 14.5 inches

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George Walsh

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