Page 1 - The American Muscle Monopoly by Randy Roach
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roduced with permission from MuscleSport magazine

PHOTOS BY ANDRZEJ JAWORSKI/AJ JAWA PHOTO At last year’s 2015 Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic, Schwarzenegger received at least to change his organization to NSpire Sports
COURTESY OF LORZ PR, JOE PIETARO Schwarzenegger himself spoke out harshly some satisfaction, as Cedric McMillan moved League LLC (NSL). Nonetheless, bigger
over the contest’s final placements. Arnold to second place behind winner Kai Greene. problems came when Thompson felt that the
had long expressed his dissatisfaction with McMillan was actually leading Greene after NPC was violating the Amateur Sports Act of
the lack of symmetry shown by the compet- the first round, but Greene managed to 1978 by interfering with athlete participation
itors, specifically how the athletes’ mid- harden his look later in the event and once for NSL’s December 12, 2015 Space City
sections had vastly expanded since his own again symmetry fell to muscularity. More Championships. This led to a multi-faceted
competitive years of the 1970s. He favored interesting, however, the 2016 Lifetime lawsuit launched by NSL against the NPC on
Cedric McMillan, who with a very aesthetic, Achievement Award winner, IFBB President November 5, 2015.
symmetrical look, only placed fourth at the Rafael Santonja, was joined by last year’s
2015 show. Schwarzenegger’s derogatory winner Manion in being served notice for a Two days later, your MuscleSport Maga-
comments came immediately following the federal anti-trust lawsuit. zine founding editor Joe Pietaro reported on
bestowing of his “Lifetime Achievement the strong language used by Thompson and
Award” to the very man who bore responsibil- The lawsuit was actually filed by former company against the NPC when he shared
ity for Schwarzenegger’s judging headaches: NPC judge and chairman of Texas, Lee Thomp- allegations such as, “extortion, coercion,
Jim Manion, the president of the IFBB Pro son. Thompson is a retired successful oilman intimidation, assault, battery, fraud, fraud-
League, the vice president of IFBB North who resigned from the NPC on September 14, ulent inducement, tortious interference and
America and the president of the National 2015, the day he launched his own NPC Global duress.” Further claims against the NPC were
Physique Committee (NPC). organization. Thompson quickly found himself on contest rigging, interference with athletes
at odds with the NPC on numerous fronts, to compete freely, industry sponsor manip-
One year later at the recent 2016 Arnold including name infringement which forced him ulation and tax fraud violations on NPC’s tax

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