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David Gentle, Author and HistorianDavid Gentle is an internationally acclaimed Author and Historian. He has written and co-authored several published books and over 2,000 articles published in the World Muscle Press on all subjects relating to physical culture or strength. 

In April, 2016 David Gentle compiled an exhaustive list of his published work.  He admitted that for a period of his life he discontinued documenting the articles he wrote, growing weary of seeing his name in print.  Despite this brief interlude the list captures the extraordinary contributions David Gentle made to Physical Culture throughout his lifetime. 

H & S MagazineCurrently David is the Editor-in-Chief of this website and the Sub-Editor of Health and Strength magazine, “The Oldest Established Physical Culture Journal in the World – Founded 1898.”    .

David received the ‘Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Award’ and more recently was awarded the ‘John Grimek Life Time Achievement Award’ in recognition of his outstanding career.


Click on the above link to view David's fascinating memoirs. He has pursued his passion for Physical Culture throughout his lifetime.  His remarkable dedication and commitment led him to be become a prolific writer and recognized authority around the world.  David Gentle Publications

SticksSpecial Acknowledgement to Chris "Sticks" Bostick, who illustrated many of David's articles found here.  Chris brought the articles to life with his extraordinary talent and  imagination. 

Chris is is an upstate New Yorker who, as a young fellow, was a power lifter of note back in the early 70s.   He hung up the competitive lifting belt in 1973.


Classic Muscle Art by David Gentle Developing Grip Strength by David Gentle and David Webster Strandpullers Super Scrap Book by David Gentle 

David Gentle
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