PC Historical Archives of David Gentle

The HOPC is proud to present another fascinating series from the Physical Culture archives of David Gentle.  Learn about the evolution of Physical Culture and the athletes who inspired generations throughout history.  The legacies of these extraordinary men and women live on in David's work.

David is an internationally acclaimed Author and Historian who has written and co-authored several published books and over 2,000 articles published in the World Muscle Press on all subjects relating to physical culture and strength. 

In recognition of his untiring work, David received the "Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Award" and the "John Grimek Life Time Achievement Award".  On behalf of the HOPC, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude to you David for carrying the torch that will be proudly passed on to future generations. 

Writings by David Gentle   

Classic Muscle Art by David Gentle Developing Grip Strength by David Gentle and David Webster Strandpullers Super Scrap Book by David Gentle 

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