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Featuring fascinating Iron Men personalities throughout history from the early 1900's to the "Golden Era of Bodybuilding". Choose from hundreds of historical  books and articles from your favourite Iron Men, authors and writers transformed into user-friendly eBooks for your reading pleasure!
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Welcome to the History of Physical Culture Library.  Our aim is to collect, preserve and make readily available historical information regarding physical culture. This includes material detailing early training methods and profiles of the colourful personalities who were the PC pioneers.  You will also find Modern day articles presented by our Contributing Writers that feature training programmes and schedules. 

Added to this large body of work are the collected articles of one of the iron games most prolific writers, David Gentle and articles by our experienced and knowledgeable contributors.

Choose from a wide range of topics in our Library Catalogue (rt.) including the 'Latest Installments' of historical and modern reproductions, articles and books for your reading enjoyment.  Featured in our "Muscle Art' section are the 'visual delights' of "Sticks", our Art Director.  Photo Galleries have been randomly placed throughout the Author's Index and more will be added.  Watch for vintage adverts and clips of olde-time strongmen. 

Note:  Biographies of well known personalities can be found in the 'Authors Index'.  Look for the "Authors Profile" button to view.  See screenshot below. 

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  If you wish to donate historical reproductions to our library, please contact our Site Administrator.  An acknowledgement will be published in the Library.  Thank you.

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