Welcome to the Writers Circle

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The Writers Circle is dedicated to like-minded writers who are passionate about Physical Culture and are interested in sharing their work with their peers and our readership.

Our goal is to offer a warm and friendly environment for those who become part of our "Writers Circle". We hope you will be open to constructive peer critique to ensure historical truth and facts. At the same time you and your writing skills will gain great exposure and you'll receive support and genuine encouragement regarding your work.

Featured Work for Your Enjoyment

Attention Writers  Build your name and become a recognized writer. Connect with Peer Writers and our Viewers. Join the Writers Circle today! 

We welcome our viewers to check here regularly.  Enjoy interesting articles, essays and biographies on the topic of Physical Culture submitted by creative and talented free-lance writers who have joined our Writers Circle.  We encourage our viewing audience to submit their feedback and comments.   We will ensure that this information is passed on to the Writer and our Editorial Team.    

Authors Submission Process

Writers whose work is featured on our website will be listed in the Writers Circle Index of Writers.  Submit articles, essays or biographies for consideration along with corresponding photos (if available) via email to Diane Robert, Site Administrator.

Please include a personal photo (headshot) and a paragraph about yourself to be included in the Writers Index.    We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

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