Peter Yates - Membership Profile


Maurice always told me "Train for health and strength and the body will develop to it's potential."  I believe he was right.

Peter Yates at age 16

As a skinny runt of 10 I started lifting rocks in a local disused quarry.
At 12 I was taken under the wing of Maurice Ainsworth and the lads of 'Darwen Weight Lifting Club' where I was given excellent guidance in lifting, hand balancing and rudiments of self defense

At left - Photo of me at 16 breaking a NW Britain press record in my age/weight category (unofficial).

I traveled the world and was able to find great people to train with wherever I went. I spent 15 years in the orient seeking out and training with masters of various martial arts.

Peter Yates at 64At 64 I am as keen as ever on training and have a nice home gym in my garage in New York.

At right - I'm still pressing on at 64.

How many years have you trained?

I've trained for the past 54 years.

What training systems have you used?

Body weight calisthenics, Muscle Control, hand-balancing, weight lifting, weight training, also boxing, wrestling, Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts. 

Name the champions who have inspired you?

George, Hackenschmidt, Maxick, Arthur Saxon, Herman Goerner, Sig Klein, Bill Hunt, John Grimek, John Davis, Dan Lurie, Jack Lalanne, Steve Reeves, Clarence Ross, Marvin Eder, Leo Robert, Reg Park, Floyd Page, Doug Hepburn, Spencer Churchill, Len Sell, Louis Martin, Chuck Sipes, and Bill Pearl

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