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Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding 

Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding by David GentleSKU # HOPC04

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Author: David Gentle

Book Type:  Download PDF

Pages: 25

Year Published: 1980

Table of Contents

  • The Amazing Human Body
  • Exercise Rules
  • For Best Results You Must
  • Principles and Systems
  • The First Step
  • Fitness and Conditioning
  • The Set System
  • Pyramiding
  • Giant Sets
  • Super Sets
  • Split System
  • Forced Reps
  • Assisted Reps
  • Vocal Encouragement
  • Muscle Priority System
  • Flushing System
  • Single Exercise Plan
  • Peak Contraction
  • Cheating System
  • Nautilus System
  • Current Training Systems


PC Historian David Gentle offers a comprehensive guide to bodybuilding from the anatomy of human muscles to the principles and training systems that will help you reach your ultimate weight training goals.

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