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Earle Liederman's Mail Order Muscular Development Course

Earle Liedermans Mail Order Muscular Development CoruseSKU # HOPC03

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Author: Earle Liederman

Book Type:  Download PDF

Pages: 100

Year Published: 1923 & 1925

Table of Contents

  • Lesson I – Workout Principles & Exercises
  • Lesson II –  Progressive Exercises with Cable Set
  • Lesson III – Development of the Neck Muscles
  • Lesson IV – More Drill Exercises
  • Lesson V – Exercises for Arm Development
  • Lesson VI – More Cable Exercises
  • Lesson VII – Deep Knee Bends and Push-ups
  • Lesson VIII – Resistance Movement for Muscle Control
  • Lesson IX – Abdominal Exercises
  • Lesson X – Strengthening Teeth and Jaws
  • Lesson XI – Boxing and Wrestling
  • Lesson XII – Muscle Anatomy


Bodybuilder and weight training authority, Earle Liederman produced this highly successful mail-order bodybuilding course throughout the 1920's. He was originally inspired by SANDOW and they became close business associates. Liederman claimed many famous pupils including no less than Angelo Siciliano (Charles Atlas), George Jowett, Arthur Hyson, Abe Boshes and others. After World War II he became Editor of Muscle Power magazine and wrote many articles on the subject. This fully illustrated course featuring rare photos of the Author is compiled from lessons sent to two different pupils in 1923 & 1925. 

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