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Weight Training Volumes 1 & 2

Weight Training Vols 1 and 2 by David GentleSKU # HOPC07

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Author: David Gentle

Book Type:  Download PDF

Pages: 186, fully illustrated.


Table of Contents

  • All About Biceps
  • Amazing Grip Strength
  • Unique Strength Building System
  • Bodybuilders, Weightlifting & Longevity
  • Build A Powerful Neck
  • Do It With Dumbbells
  • The Evolution Of Women Weight Trainers
  • Gain An Inch On Your Arms With 14 Workouts
  • Get Big Arms With A.M.P
  • Mind Over Muscles
  • More Muscle Building Tips
  • Muscle Massage
  • Overtraining And Energy Levels
  • Powerful Forearms
  • Sleeve Busters
  • Slim ‘N’ Muscle Up Waistline
  • The Quest for Muscles
  • Training on the Incline
  • Training Terrific Triceps
  • Triceps
  • Try Dips for Development
  • Unusual Exercises
  • Variety Adds
  • Waiting for the Weights
  • Weight Training for All Sports


Enjoy this wonderful compilation of weight training articles by PC Historian David Gentle.  They are both entertaining and informative.  The book is fully illustrated and includes many delightful drawings by our own "Sticks", HOPC Art Director. 

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