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The Strand Pullers Super Scrapbook

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Author: David F. Gentle

Book Type:  Download PDF

Pages: 159

Year Published: 2016

Table of Contents

  • About Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • More Chest Expander Notes
  • Formation of BASPA
  • Further Strand Notes
  • Chest Expanders, Cables & Rubber Strands
  • Great Men in Strand-Pulling
  • Next on Strands
  • Spring/Strands Notes
  • Various Notes re Strand Pulling
  • How to Use the Expander by Alfred Danks
  • Better Strand Pulling
  • Strands for Shoulder Shape and Size
  • Better Strand Pulling - Attacking the Lumbago Centre
  • Spotlight on the Apparatus of the Month
  • Bodybuilding Via Strands
  • Expanders
  • More on Strands
  • Plus our Classic Routine
  • How to Become Strong
  • The American Strandpuller
  • The Victor Progressive Chest Expander
  • The Laurance Staminator
  • Spenby Chest Expander Course
  • Author, David Gentle's Workout
  • Strand Pulling Competition, History and Official Rules in Detail
  • The 20 Office I.S.S.P.A. Pulls
  • Rules for the Performance of the 20 Official Pulls


An encyclopedic look at strand pulling both rubber and steel springs and the history and origins of, and schedules for both sexes and all ages.

This fascinating, fully illustrated book explores the origins of Strand Pulling and how its popularity rose over several decades and still remains today.  Lessons with step by step instruction, plus vintage muscle ads  sure to inspire.   

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